Verizon Wi-Fi not working

If you ever used Yahoo and AOL based email services then you must have heard about the Verizon services, Verizon acquired these companies and made a new division names Oath inc. And that is currently known as Verizon media. Verizon provides various services like it includes email service, wireless communication, and wireless services. So, while using any of these services of Verizon, you may face some common issues like the Verizon not working or some problem with your Verizon Wi-Fi. Such issue may occur because of the Verizon server down, or maybe it is not loading properly on your device.

If your Verizon Wi-Fi not working, it may be because of multiple reasons as it is possible that you using an older version or maybe your internet connectivity is too weak that the Verizon services are not able to load properly.

List of Some Top Reasons to Cause Verizon Not Working

  • Verizon Outage.
  • Weak or bad internet connection.
  • An older Verizon version.
  • Verizon account problem.

These are considered as top reasons, but you may face some issues other than these also and you always need to see for all possible causes before taking step to fixing the issue.

How to troubleshoot Verizon Wi-Fi not working?

If you work from home, then you need to have Wi-Fi working all time finely, but sometimes when you face some issues like the Verizon Wi-Fi not working and that leads to restrictions of your daily work and may turn into some serious issue. You need to resolve the error to resume your services and for that, you can try some simple solutions.

  • Fix Verizon internet problems, try to unplug your router and leave it ideal for some time and then plug it again and start using it.
  • It is possible that your router is connected properly; in that case, you can try resetting your Verizon gateway router. Insert a pin into the red reset hole on the backside of the router gateway; this will reset your router.
  • If you are experiencing slow speed, then it can be because of a number of devices or maybe the distance from the broadband router. Keep checking these factors if your Verizon services not working.

Why is my Verizon hotspot not working?

If you are facing some problem with your hotspot as your hotspot is not available, or maybe it is showing a problem in connecting with other devices. Verizon has provided various solutions to the same problem you can try any of them and here we provided the best and simple solution to fix the Verizon hotspot not working problem.

A simple way to turn your device as a Wi-Fi hotspot

  • First, check that you closed Wi-Fi and to do that go to the settings option and then navigate for the network, click on Wi-Fi off.
  • Now again to the device settings and then go to the “More” option.
  • After that, you need to select for the “Tethering and portable hotspot” and then click on the “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot turn on” option.
  • Go to setup Wi-Fi hotspot to configure hotspot security.
  • Now click on network SSID and then type a unique name for your hotspot.
  • Then click on the “Security” and select the type of security you want to keep.
  • Now enter the new password so that only the allowed users can access your hotspot.
  • After completing this process, save it, and you have done it.

How to deal with Verizon voicemail not working?

It is needed that your voicemail must work properly because of it stops or anything that makes voicemail not working can result into missing of your voicemails, and if your calls get forwarded to some other number then you may lose your privacy and it can result into some serious issue so, you also check for call forwarding settings and if it is the case, then you need to stop it. Dial *73 from your phone to ensure your call forwarding is disabled. And if you can’t check the voicemail on your phone, then consider using some steps.

  • Reset your voice mail passcode by going to the Verizon website. You can also use the on-call process to reset your password by dialing *611 from your mobile phone.
  • If your voice mail system doesn’t work properly, then you need to enable the DTMF setting on the mobile. This will help you to make your keypress issue fixed.
  • At last, try to keep the device check; it is working properly and has every other service also in working.

Solved – Verizon Email not working

Verizon has Yahoo and AOL email services and they both are giants in the email industry. Sometimes the common issue can result into some big problems and that might turn into the restriction of email services, and it can happen because of various reasons as you are using some third-party application that may show some issue because of its older version or may some other technical fault in that can cause such problem to occur.

Some common mistakes that users do and face problems

  • Ensure that you are using an updated third-party application.
  • Also, ensure that you are using your full username, not just your name to log in to your account.
  • Maybe the Yahoo or AOL servers are down and that causing the issue.
  • POP/IMAP settings are not correct.
  • SSL is not enabled.

Check for the given issue, and if you find one among them, take steps to fix it, below we provided the best and quick solutions that will help you to correct the problem.

Change your IMAP settings:

  • Set incoming port settings to IMAP-993-SSL
  • Set outgoing port settings to SMTP-465-SSL

Change your POP settings:

  • Set incoming port settings to IMAP-993-SSL
  • Set outgoing port settings to SMTP-465-SSL

After completing the configuration, you still face any issue then you need to connect with our experts to get the solution to your exact problem.

How to Change Verizon Wi-Fi password?

We have different ways to change Verizon Fios Wi-Fi password we have discussed some of the quick and straightforward solutions for you. You do it using any of your device you can use Fios app or website and if you find difficult using it, then you can also try using Verizon app.

Via using my Fios app:

  • Open the My Fios app.
  • After that, you need to select the Internet.
  • Under My Networks, choose your wireless network.
  • Now select to “Edit.”
  • Create a new Wi-Fi password.
  • Click on “Save”

Via using Verizon app:

  • Go to your My Verizon account
  • And then you have to Select Internet
  • Under My Networks, choose your wireless network.
  • Select the Manage option.
  • You will be provided an option to create a new Wi-Fi password.
  • At last, click on “Save.”

You can use any of the mentioned ways to reset the Verizon Wi-Fi password or change the Verizon Fios Wi-Fi password. Here we provided all the possible and best solutions to the Verizon errors and other problems, and if you still face any issue while using the services, then you should connect with our experts to get an exact solution to your problem.