Know How to Connect Lexmark Printer to Wifi Without CD

With innovative imaging solutions and technologies, Lexmark is one of the well known printers. It offers clean and sharp graphics with clear letters for brochures, reports, spreadsheets, and other documents. Moreover, Lexmark printer comes with a CD which supports the printer in the installation process, but, sometimes the users lose the CD and become helpless. However, there are ways which will help the users searching for how to connect Lexmark printer to wifi without CD? Below is the stepwise guide to connect Lexmark printer to wifi without CD.

Steps to Follow for How to Connect Lexmark Printer to Wifi Without CD:

  • Ensure that you have a full fledge running wireless connection
  • Connect your Lexmark printer to the computer, and the operating system will search the compatible software for you. In case you’re using Windows, it will automatically install the compatible software if you have a familiar Lexmark printer model
  • If this does not happen, then the users can themselves visit the official website of Lexmark and download the Lexmark printer software from there
  • Now, click on Customer support < driver and downloads located under the driver and utility tab
  • Users can also directly type in the search box for Lexmark printer model number
  • After finding your printer model, put the credentials, which should include the name of the operating system, version of windows and your language, and the name of the product
  • On your screen, a license agreement will appear to download the software. Click on the option “I agree – download”
  • Once the software is downloaded, navigate it and continue the installation process
  • Tap on extract to open the zip file in a different folder
  • Now, click on setup to begin the installation process
  • The users, after all the above steps, will be prompted to follow the on screen manual set up instructions to install the software on the device
  • While the installation process, the users will be asked their wireless connection type. Users have to mention the credentials and click on next < finish to complete the process of installation
  • Once the installation is done, try giving the command from the printer to check whether it is working or not

Following the above stepwise guide will surely give the users solution for how to connect Lexmark printer to wifi without Cd? However, it is advised to follow each step appropriately in order to connect Lexmark printer to wifi without CD. There are numerous steps, but the execution of these steps is relatively easy and smooth. Users generally don’t encounter any issue while performing the above mentioned steps. However, if you fail to connect your Lexmark printer to wifi without CD with the above process, you can seek technical help.

Steps on How to Connect Lexmark Printer to Wifi

Below are the steps for the manual process to add Lexmark Printer to wireless network. Follow the steps as mentioned below and easily connect Lexmark printer to wifi. Chances are you will be able to connect the printer easily to wifi but if you can’t, then look for expert help.

  • Press the Home button to visit the Home Screen
  • Visit to Setup and hit the OK button
  • Visit to Wireless 802.11 b/g/n and click the OK button
  • Visit to Network Connection Setup and click the OK button
  • Visit to wireless and click the OK button, and then you query to connect Lexmark printer to wifi will be resolved.

The above stepwise guide will help for how to connect Lexmark Printer to wifi without CD? And steps for connecting Lexmark printer to wifi will offer detailed solution to the users & hence, both the queries of the users will be resolved without any hassle.

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