Quick Fixes for Canon Printer Error Codes B200, 5100 and 5012

Canon is one of the world’s leading brands in the manufacturing of imaging and optical products. The brands offer a range of products like printers, scanners, medical equipment, and many others. The products are known for its best in quality and promising services. And, the best part is that one can easily download Canon Printer driver, install, and get started with it hassle-freely. However, there are times when you face some technical issues. Some common examples of such issues are Canon printer error code B200, Canon printer error code 5100, and Canon printer error code 5012. All these error codes can be resolved by using some of the simple solutions that we have given on our blog.

What is Canon Printer B200 Error Codes?

Canon Printer B200 Error Codes?

Canon Pixma error code B200 or Canon printer error code B200 is one of the major errors that you might encounter with your device. It usually means that the printer print head is not working or dead. Now, this can be a major problem and can cost you high, so before heading to buy new, you should try using some of the simple methods to resolve it. But before that, you need to know why the Canon B200 error occurs.

Reasons for Error B200 in Canon Printer:

Most of the time, the printhead is faulty, the printhead is part of the section that distributes the inks from cartridges. If your printhead is faulty, you will not be able to work properly. It is one of the most vital parts of the entire machine.

Causes and Symptoms for Canon Printer Error Code B200

Printhead issues can occur because of various common reasons like some breakage or spillage. This issue commonly occurs in cheap printers, and it can be seriously problematic.

How do I fix Canon Printer Error B200?

Before heading to buy a new one, first, try using some of the common solutions to fix Canon error b200. As this error is quite common, and if you need model-specific solution, you can also connect the experts at Canon Product Support forum. However, the steps that are enlisted here are perfect for troubleshooting the error in all Canon Printer models.

  • Make a hard reset of the printer; you can do it by taking out the cartridges and other removal parts. Clean the printer and cartridges, then reinstall it, now check for the error b200 canon resolved or not.
  • The second approach is to just do a simple reset by disconnecting it from the power and leaving it for 30 minutes. This will help cool down the printer and restore everything; after this, use your printer and check for the Canon B200 error resolve.
  • Check for the obstructions; there is a possibility that something is disrupting the printhead connection. You can take out the printhead from the device and after resetting it, install it again. This simple process will resolve the error b200 Canon.

These are some of the quick and easy methods to resolve the Canon Pixma error code B200. Just try using all of them to get rid of the Canon error b200.

What is Canon Printer 5100 Error Code?

Canon Printer 5100 Error Code?

Canon printer error code 5100 or Canon Pixma error code 5100 can cause a temporary stoppage of your work. This error occurs because of some issues in the ink cartridges, and it is also one of the most common errors that you may face.

Reasons for error 5100 in Canon Printer:

Canon 5100 error can occur because of the ink cartridges issue, and these issues can be of various types. It can be an improper installation of the cartridges or maybe the spillage of ink. There is a gamut of possibilities to cause the error 5100 canon.

Causes and Symptoms for Canon Printer Error Code 5100:

Canon error 5100 is a carriage error; you may also experience blinking of the power lamp and some errors as well. This can disturb your workflow and can also lead to a temporary stoppage of work.

How do I fix Canon Printer Error 5100?

Follow the given steps to resolve the Canon Pixma error code 5100; if any method doesn’t work, try using another approach to eliminate the Error 5100 Canon.

  • By resetting the ink cartridges, you can fix the Canon error 5100; most of the time, this is the reason to cause the issue.
  • Another simple way to resolve the Canon 5100 error is to reset the printer. This approach will help to cool down the printer and resolve the issue.
  • Finally, check for the obstruction like paper jams, hardware malfunction, improper placement of ink cartridges, etc.

Use these simple approaches to fix the Canon printer error code 5100 and check for error resolve after each step.

What is Canon Printer 5012 Error Code?

Canon Printer 5012 Error Code?

Canon printer error code 5012 or Canon Pixma error code 5012 is a technical error. It can disturb the complete workflow of your machine. The Canon 5012 Error can occur in between work and can restrict your printing. You can say it is a type of run time error that can occur while using the machine.

Reasons for error 5012 in Canon Printer:

One of the main reasons to cause the Canon error 5012 is some sort of technical malfunction. This can be because of various reasons like a paper jam or some hardware issue. You need to check for all the aspects to resolve the error 5012 Canon.

Causes and Symptoms for Canon Printer Error Code 5012:

One of the main symptoms is, the machine will stop working suddenly. If the Canon Pixma error code 5012 occurs, then you can’t complete a single printing job. This can be caused because of the improper placement of the paper or stuck debris or paper.

How do I fix Canon Printer Error 5012?

There are various simple methods that you can use to resolve the Canon 5012 error, some of them given below, check out.

  • Reset the printer, you can do a reset of your printer, and if the issue remains, then you can also go for the factory reset.
  • Disconnect all the cables and connected devices from the printer and wait for some time. After 5 minutes, connect all the cords and cable and check for the Canon printer error code 5012 resolve or not.
  • You can also cancel all the printing jobs and clear the queue, and shut down the machine. Let the device reach to complete stability and then start your printer.
Canon Printer Error B200, 5100, and 5012 on Top Models

Canon Printer Error B200, 5100, and 5012 on Top Models

The steps that are given above are applicable for all the top Canon Printer models for fixing error 5012, 5100, and b200. If you want to know more about the errors based on the models, you can go to product finder support finder section.

Common Canon Printer models that are associated with these major errors include MP560, MP620, MP540, MX922, MX870, MP540, MP560, MG5320, MP620, MP620B, MX860, MG5220, MX892, MX850, MP280, MX882, MG5220, MX892, MG5250, MX850, MG5220, MP630, MX892, MG5320, MP550, MX712, MG5320, IP100, ts3122, MG2922, MX490, MX495, MX492, and MP640.

Canon MP560 PrinterCanon Printer MP540Canon MG5200 PrinterCanon Pixma MG5220 PrinterCanon MX892 Printer
Canon Pixma MP620 PrinterCanon Pixma MP560 PrinterCanon Pixma MX892 PrinterCanon MX892 PrinterCanon Pixma MG5320 Printer
Canon MP540 PrinterCanon MG5320 PrinterCanon MP620 PrinterCanon MG5250 PrinterCanon MP550 Printer
Canon Pixma MX712 PrinterCanon MP620 PrinterCanon Printer MX850Canon Printer MX850Canon MX712 Printer
Canon MX922 PrinterCanon MP620B PrinterCanon MP280 PrinterCanon MG5220 PrinterCanon MG5320 Printer
Canon MX870 PrinterCanon MX860 PrinterCanon MX882 PrinterCanon MP630 PrinterCanon MP640 Printer
Canon IP100Canon TS3122 PrinterCanon MX490 PrinterCanon Printer MX495Canon Printer MX492

These are some of the best possible methods that will help you to resolve the error 5012 Canon. Try checking for the error resolve after each step; this will help you fix Canon error 5012 once and for all.