Why is My Epson Printer Not Printing?

Epson printers are the most used printers in the world, and not only printers Epson manufactures electronics like scanners, desktops, and inkjet, etc. Epson is one of those rare companies that introduced language for controlling printer operation, and the language is known as Epson Standard code for printers (ESC/IP). Epson sells its printers worldwide and known for its best services. It is normal to happen that sometimes your Epson printer not printing or Epson printer not printing black, and it is because of many reasons that you need to look into it. The reason may be minor or very general to any significant issues like hardware failure or software crashes. But the best part is you can resolve each Epson issue by following the given methods. So, let us consider some examples that cause the Epson printer not printing anything.

  • Change in printer’s settings.
  • The available ink in the cartridges is too low.
  • Clogged nozzles.
  • Different paper size and orientation.
  • Software settings changed mistakenly.
  • Stuck paper piece or debris.
  • Improper placement of cartridges.
  • Internal hardware failure.

These are some common issues that cause the Epson printer not printing correctly, and people do not think about such issues generally. They believe some technical problems occurred, and that can’t be resolved simply. All of the mentioned issues are very common to happen and can be fixed easily.

Why My Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink?

This can be because of various reasons, it is possible that you changed ink for the first time, and the placement is improper. If this is the case, then no worries you can still make it correct, follow the mentioned steps and Epson printer not printing properly gets resolved.

  • Check for the protective tape on the cartridges because this can block the nozzle. The tape is used to prevent ink leakage, so before placing cartridges, remove the tape.
  • It may be possible that your printer’s cartridge counter is reading the new cartridges as empty and that may lead to Epson printer not printing colors correctly. Now in such a scenario, you need to reset your ink counter again.
  • If you are using refilled cartridges, then make sure they are in good condition because refilling of cartridges saves money, but sometimes they may cause issues.

What To Do If My Epson Printer Not Printing Black? 

The problem of printer printing blank pages or Epson printer not printing correct colors may be because of issues in cartridges or in ink cartridges counter. There can also be many other reasons that can cause this issue.

  • Low ink level or empty ink cartridges creates many issues while printing, and if they print then the text is not that much visible because of the low ink level. So keep check of ink cartridges.
  • Also, ensure that the nozzle is open; any tape does not protect it.
  • Sometimes it is also possible that you give a command to print blank paper, so keep a check for the document file that you are printing.
  • Ensure that paper is kept in proper orientation and size is compatible.

These steps will help you to resolve Epson printer not printing clearly problem you can follow these steps one by one and keep check of all the things.

Why My Epson Printer Not Printing Wirelessly?

There can be multiple reasons for the Epson receipt printer not printing wirelessly and that you can resolve by a nozzle check pattern or you can also terminate all the printing jobs that are in the queue and after refreshing start printing again. If that also doesn’t solve the Epson printer not printing text you can follow the mentioned alternative ways.

  • Check your router: Unplug your router as well as restart your computer and then plug-in your router and establish the connection and start printing.
  • Check your software: The problem may with your software, so you need to update it and if the issue remains, then you need to reinstall it to resolve the issue.

Epson Printer Not Printing After Refilling Ink – How To Resolve It?

Epson printer not printing black ink is the reason that your refilled ink cartridges are not in good condition or maybe they are not appropriately placed in the ink counter. The refilled cartridges can result in different problems like

  • Cartridges are not filled properly; in such cases, you should use the exit hole to fill up the cartridges after removing the cartridges.
  • Trapped air bubbles can also show the Epson printer not printing dark enough because the air bubble blocks the ink flow. So keep the cartridges unused for sometime after filling so that the bubble can settle.

Here, we discussed various Epson printer issues like Epson printer not printing in color or Epson printer not printing, and we concluded some solutions to these issues that you can use to resolve them.