Basically, MagicJack is a small device that could be easily plugged into the USB Port on the computer system. Also, it has RJ-11 which actually let the user connector plugged into a standard phone as well. Another basic point related to it is it uses the Voice over internet protocol which is popularly known as VoIP. Launched in 2007, MagicJack put a great competition to the home phones. Yes, it is true that factually it has many differences. The major point that distinguishes the MagicJack with home phones is that eventually, the MagicJack requires the proper internet connection to proceed with the phone calls; the main focus is that it allows its users to make calls anywhere, anytime. You do need a good internet connection, and then all you need to do is to plug the device into the USB Port.

A major change was made in the year 2011 when the company introduced Plus. With the help of MagicJack plus, the users could easily connect with whoever they want to. You are supposed to plug the device into your computer system; you would need Ethernet cable for this. The users just need to connect it to the cable modem or router. The benefit of using MagicJack plus is that you do not have to keep your computer system switched on the entire time to make or receive calls. The best part is that it provides a striking and astounding calling quality. Factually, you might have to face different types of problems interlinked with it. All these issues could be fixed with the special assistance of the MagicJack Customer Support.

Resolve common error codes with MagicJack Customer Service

Here’s a list of problems that you might come across while using MagicJack. You should know the different problems so that you can take proper precautions. You can resolve all these errors with the help of MagicJack Live chat.

  • Why my MagicJack is not working properly?
  • How do I reset my MagicJack?
  • How does the MagicJack Phone service work?
  • Can MagicJack work without the internet connection?
  • How can I plug the MagicJack into the router?
  • How can I connect MagicJack to my cell phone?
  • Does MagicJack work without Wi-Fi?
  • Does MagicJack have to be plugged in to the computer?

These are few problems associated with it. Some of the issues are easy to fix and could be manually tackled. On the other hand, there are certain technical issues that cannot be resolved without the intervention of the experts. If you are stuck in a situation when you are not able to troubleshoot the error, you must seek help from the MagicJack Helpline number.

How to reset MagicJack?

Here’s a set of steps that the users have to execute to proceed with the resetting of the MagicJack. Check out the basic ways to deal with the issue. Also, you enjoy the discretion to take help from the MagicJack support.

  • At first, you must unplug the Magic Device from the USB port
  • You are supposed to turn off the MagicJack in your computer
  • After a while, you are supposed to plug MagicJack to the port again
  • Then, you must restart the MagicJack on your computer system

Above-given steps are simple ways to reset MagicJack. If you do find the steps productive, you can take help from the experts at MagicJack contact number.

How to contact MagicJack Customer service?

Troubleshooting common issues related to MagicJack is not a difficult task. You can read about the concerned topic. The internet is full of information related to the topics. Supposedly, you are not able to fix the error manually; you must take help from the MagicJack Customer Support.

How to seek for MagicJack Live chat?

You do enjoy the discretion where you can chat with the experts and discuss various issues you have been facing. If you are verbally not so comfortable, it is a good idea to seek for MagicJack Customer care. Experts are present 24*7 at your service, for your help.