TurboTax is one such tax preparation tool used to operate for filing tax returns online. Users have also allowed this software to check the e-file status making it one of the best among others. It is also known for its excellent features and reliability. There are several issues related to TurboTax tax2PDF or  TurboTax to PDF  its users face and somehow, those issues need to be resolved. Some of the TurboTax users are having queries on how to convert PDF to TurboTax file and TurboTax to PDF.

So here, you can follow the steps down below in order to convert PDF to TurboTax and TurboTax to PDF.

Steps to Convert PDF to TurboTax

In order to do this,

  • You must upload your PDF file to a tool called online converter. Zamzar is one such tool where you could upload your PDF file. So go to the Zamzar official website.
  • Now, click on the Add Files button colored in green. After just clicking on it, a new screen will pop-up where you need to look for your PDF file which you want to convert.
  • After uploading the PDF file, choose TXF from the drop-down menu. The reason is to convert PDF file is that as you cannot open PDF format files in the TurboTax software. So you have to convert it.
  • Next, you must provide your email address where your converted file will be sent.
  • Then, click on the Convert button.
  • You must wait for a specific period of time.
  • Now, you check your email inbox.
  • You, then click on the link in order to download the converted file.
  • Next, you open your TurboTax software and click on the File tab.
  • Now, click on the open file button.
  • Enter the TXT’s file into the search bar to search it out.
  • Then, click the OK button.
  • Select the file tab and click save the project as.
  • Enter the project name and click ok.

Steps to Convert TurboTax to PDF

  • Firstly, you must visit the TurboTax to PDF webpage.
  • After that, click on the browse button.
  • If you want to open any of the tax files, double-click on the particular tax returns file.
  • Then, you must wait for a while in order to complete the process of conversion.
  • After conversion, you will be needed to download the ConvertedTaxfilepdf file.
  • Then, you save the file in your desired location in your system.
  • Use your PDF reader to open the converted file.,

After following the above steps, you will successfully convert PDF to the TurboTax file and TurboTax tax2PDF.

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  • Can anybody tell me how to convert Turbotax file to pdf? I have tried many times, but I am not able to convert it. So, if anyone knows Please help to convert the TurboTax file to Pdf.

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