Yahoo is one of the best and free web-based email service providers. Yahoo mail not working is one of the common issues that arise because of multiple reasons and it can be resolved easily by using some common methods to recover it. You can try some simple approaches for common issues like yahoo mail not working on iPhone, Yahoo mail not updating or Yahoo mail not working on chrome. These issues can be resolved easily.

How to fix Yahoo mail not working on iPhone?

  • First, try to sign in and sign out from your iPhone device.
  • Add your Yahoo account again on your device.
  • Check for the internet connection.
  • Try to set up the SMTP server.
  • Try to restart your device.
  • Also, if nothing works check for the third-party app permission.

What to do when Yahoo mail not updating?

There can be multiple reasons for the yahoo mail not updating error. Most of the problems can be resolved by just deleting some apps or some files that can cause the update problem. Yahoo mail, not updating can be resolved by the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, check for the internet connection.
  • Also check for the updates, if available.
  • Now check for the server errors, that can cause the update issue.
  • Try deleting your Yahoo account and sign in again.
  • Also, try deleting some emails to free up some space.
  • This is also possible that Yahoo mail currently down, so check for the same.

Why yahoo mail not working on android?

Yahoo has a huge user base of email users and sometimes it can be a bit difficult to handle some issue of Yahoo application and these issues cause the problem of Yahoo mail not working on android. It can be solved by just using some simple methods.

  • Your Yahoo app may crash or respond slow, for that check for the available updates and clear the cache memory. This may resolve the issue of Yahoo mail not working issue.
  • Check that whatever features that yahoo app requires, your device must have all those features.
  • You can also face the sign-in problem, so check for the credentials you are using.

Why my yahoo mail not working with chrome?

Chrome is one best browser for surfing among all available. It is possible that you can face the problem of yahoo mail not working with chrome. You should go through the below-mentioned steps to solve the issue.

  • Clear cache and cookies of your browser and try to login again.
  • Check for the chrome update and id available, update your browser.
  • If nothing works, try restarting your browser and then login.

These are some ways by which you can resolve the chrome issue.

We hope the above-mentioned steps and methods helped you in some way to resolve the yahoo mail not working issue and if you find difficulty in any method or the issue remains please feel free to connect with our technical experts.

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