Norton Error 8504: Know the Quickest Ways to Fix it!

The Internet has revolutionized our lives. We spend long hours working on the Internet – for office work, communicating, entertainment, or banking. All users are prone to cyber threats, and our data is at stake. Many people succumb to phishing attacks, malware, spyware, and other malicious attacks that are a threat to our online existence and can affect our real lives. We all have to use antivirus programs to protect our online activity and sensitive information from various cyber threats. Norton is one such antivirus program that helps us not falling prey to viruses, malware, and viruses that can endanger our online activities, which can have repercussions in real life.

A large number of users have trusted Norton- a top-rated antivirus program and has a large number of users worldwide. It’s an antivirus and anti-malware solution that is a significant part of its computer security products. This software detects and prevents viruses in harming your system while instantly removing them. Moreover, it also provides phishing protection and e-mail spam filtration features.

However, users face some issues while using Norton. Below we’ll discuss the common issue faced by Norton users of getting the error 8504. So, let’s get started and let you know the quickest ways to fix this annoying Norton problem.

Norton Error 8504

It is a run-time that occurs when Norton program crashes and fails to run while it is running. This error refers to the fact that the program does not run its run-time. The most annoying thing about run-time glitches is that they can occur without any warnings, so you cannot do anything unless they happen to fix them. An error message will come up on your screen, which will display the Error 8504 and 106, and says that Norton is encountering a problem, and you have to close it. While during QA and Testing, developers fix all the bugs, but there are times when errors occur when during the run-time and developers do not happen to experience them while designing the program. Glitches are part and parcel of software development, and even the best software can face such issues. It might happen that an incompatible application is running simultaneously on your PC. The Norton security error 8504  also occurs when there’s a problem with the memory of your PC. Whatever the reason behind the problem, we will solve them at the earliest.

Norton Error 8504 and 101

This error occurs due to another security program running on your PC, and when it fails, this error message pops up. If you are running a non-Norton security program on your PC, you can get this error. Moreover, if you are upgrading to the newest version, you are likely to get this error.

With the steps discussed below, you can fix this Norton 8504 error, also known as Norton security error 8504 and 101 or Norton 8504 error 104. The issue suggests that there might be a virus on your PC that is hindering the Norton program’s working. But following the steps mentioned, you can fix these issues quickly and easily.

Solution 1:

Remove the Non-Norton Security program from your PC

  • Uninstall any Non-Norton security product
  • Click Windows R keys to run the dialog box
  • Type the appwiz.cpl ( it is an application manager by Microsoft Corporation that Adds or removes program properties on your PC)
  • Click on Enter
  • Choose the non-security product
  • Click on Uninstall or Click on Remove
  • Follow the screen instructions
  • Wait for uninstallation
  • Restart the PC

If the step as mentioned above, doesn’t help, you can follow the second solution mentioned below:

Solution 2:

Run Norton Remove and Norton Reinstall tool.

A vital Tip you need to know is that if you have the Norton Family Installed, it’s advisable to uninstall it before proceeding with the solution two mentioned above.

  • Download Norton Remove and Reinstall tool
  • Save the file on the Desktop
  • Open the Downloads window
  • Double click on the NRnR icon
  • Click on Agree on the license Agreement
  • Click on Advanced options
  • Click on Remove only
  • Click on Remove
  • Click on Restart Now
  • The PC will restart
  • Follow the instructions and reinstall the Norton product.

If you use Norton antivirus and faces any error such as Norton won’t uninstall error, Norton not opening or want to know about Norton Setup Installation Steps. You can feel free to contact our experts to fix any Norton Antivirus errors.

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