How to fix Firefox not responding?

Are you looking for a perfect browser that could enhance your user experience? If yes, then Firefox should be your first choice. This is surely an amazing name in the world of browsers which has outstanding features and great updates. Even though Firefox has created an unbeatable image yet, it is an undeniable fact too that the users of Firefox keep on encountering different sorts of technical snags like Firefox not responding.

Now, if you are stuck and you want to resolve issues like Firefox is already running but is not responding. Now, in such a situation, you are supposed to follow and apply a few important sets of steps or instructions which will ultimately be helpful for you. Getting stuck with different issues associated with Mozilla Firefox, one can resolve the problems by applying the steps one by one. Users also witness issues like Firefox keeps crashing and not fixing it; one is supposed to apply the steps.

Read this blog carefully to find out the ways to fix Firefox not responding frequently. Have a look to know more about the same.

Check out the list of reasons behind the emergence of the issue!

Users getting stuck with Firefox not responding is really an annoying and frustrating matter. Now, if you, too, are witnessing this kind of technical problem, nothing should stop you from reading this blog and finding out the reasons behind Firefox won’t open on Windows 10 or Mac.

  • A poor or sluggish internet connection
  • Maybe Firefox is not granted access to your PC
  • Maybe the Firefox profile folder is locked
  • There could be corrupt Firefox or system files
  • Too many freeware converters
  • Misconfigured Database files
  • Incompatible add-ons and themes
  • Presence of malware and viruses
  • Antivirus blocking Firefox
  • Too many tabs opened
  • Intervention with other browser settings

General Tips and Tricks to fix Firefox not responding!

To resolve or troubleshoot Firefox not responding 2022, you are supposed to follow and implement the steps that are explained here. You can have a look at the steps:

  • Firstly, you should check whether your system is connected to a proper internet connection
  • Now, you must try to close the unwanted tabs and Firefox Windows
  • Then, you should try to restart your Firefox Browser
  • You should try to open Firefox in troubleshoot mode, and to do so; you must press and hold the Shift key

Follow the above-stated tips to fix Windows 10 Firefox not responding. You can go through the steps and find ways to resolve the error.

Check out the different methods to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding

Here’s a long list of methods that anyone can check out. If one is witnessing problems like Firefox, certain web pages won’t open no error messages. You can check out the steps:

Method 1: You should switch to the default theme

To fix Mozilla Firefox not responding, you are supposed to follow and apply a few important instructions that are given below:

  • Firstly, you should press the Windows key
  • And then type Firefox and then open it
  • Now, you should click on the menu icon
  • And then, you must select the add-ons and themes option
  • Now, you should select the theme option, which is located on the left pane
  • And then, you must click on the enable button, which is next to the system theme-auto theme
  • After that, you must restart Firefox

Method II: You are supposed to enable access to proper rights

To resolve Firefox not responding constantly, you must apply the steps. To resolve, you are expected to check out the below-mentioned steps that are given here:

  • First of all, you are supposed to press and hold Windows + E keys together to open the file explorer.
  • Now, you must paste the following path in the address bar: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox.Now, you must right-click on the profiles folder.
  • And then, you should select the properties option.
  • And then, in the profiles properties Window, you must uncheck the read-only box in the general tab.
  • Now, finally, you should click on apply and then ok and then save changes.
  • At last, you are supposed to restart your PC

Method III: Do not forget to delete the Parent.Lock File

Another way to fix script error in Firefox is to delete the parent lock files, which is located in the profile folder. You can check out the steps here:

  • Firstly, you must open the File Explorer
  • Now, you must navigate to the: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles.
  • Now, you must find the Parent.Lock file just by typing in the search field
  • Now, select all the Parent. lock files and then click on the delete button
  • Next, you should close the browser and then reboot the process

Method IV: You should run a malware scan

To resolve or fix Firefox scripts not responding on startup, you must try to run a malware scan. And so follow the process.

  • Firstly, you should press and hold Windows +I keys together to open the settings
  • Now, you must click on Update and security
  • Now, you should select the Windows security option in the left pane
  • Next, you must select the Virus &threat protection option under protection areas
  • Now, you should click on scan options
  • Choose a scan option as per your preferences
  • Click on start actions that are under current threats

By applying the steps, you can simply fix Firefox not responding frequently.

Method V: You should try to repair your system files

Users keep on encountering technical problems like Firefox not responding on startup, and to fix such issues; you are expected to follow and apply the steps that are given below:

  • First of all, you must hit the Windows key and then type the command prompt
  • Now, you must click on Run as administrator
  • Next, you should click on Yes in the user account control prompt
  • Now, type the chkdskC:/f/r/x command and then click on the enter button
  • Now, type SFC/scannow and then press enter key to run the system file checker scan
  • Check out the messages and then restart your PC

Method VI: You should Update Device Manager

To fix YouTube not working on Firefox, you are supposed to update the device manager, and for that, you must follow the steps:

  • First of all, you must type Device manager in the Windows 10 search menu
  • Now, you must double-click on the display adapters
  • Then, you should right-click on the driver and then click on update driver
  • Now, click on search automatically for drivers
  • Update the driver
  • And then click on the close button
  • And at last, you must restart the PC

Read this blog carefully to find out the answers to all your typically complicated questions, like how to fix Firefox not responding? Go through the steps one by one, so you will be able to find ways to fix your troubles.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Why does Mozilla Firefox keep freezing?

There could be many reasons behind it. Probably there could be incompatible or outdated extensions; you should try to disable them manually. Move to the upper right corner, click on the menu and then select add-ons.

What is unresponsive script in Firefox?

Eventually, when this message appears, it shows that Firefox thinks that maybe the script is going out of control, and it will hang the Firefox.

How do you reset the Firefox browser?

To reset, you are supposed to click on the menu button, and then you must click on refresh Firefox and then refresh Firefox, and then a window will list your information. Now, you can select whether you want Firefox to restore all or some Windows Tabs.

Why Firefox can’t load websites, but other browsers can?

It is internet security software including anti-spyware, antivirus, or firewall programs are preventing Firefox from connecting to the internet.

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