The Hewlett-Packard company is one of the largest and biggest brands that provide both hardware and software services to their users. This company not just supply hardware but also software along with some services to designing and IT infrastructure. HP also manufactures printer and these printers’ ranges from domestic to large industrial models. It manufactured HP Deskjet printers are inkjet printers, its first Deskjet includes the built-in cut sheet feeder and from there it gets updated. The new HP Deskjet includes touch screen LCDs with a printing speed of 20 ppm.

There are three ways to connect your HP Deskjet printer to Wi-Fi:

  1. Using the touch screen panel.
  2. Using the WPS (that does not have a touch screen).
  3. Using the HP smart app. 

Using the touch screen panel: 

  • First check for the printer, computer, and the routing device is ON.
  • Now check printer’s home is screen is ON.
  • Also, check for any other device or cable connected to your printer.
  • Now form the home screen, go to control panel.
  • In the control panel select “wireless” option.
  • Now move the arrow downward and choose the “setup” option.
  • After that choose “Networks” and select “Restore Network Defaults” or “Restore Network Settings”.
  • And now click on “YES” to confirm.
  • After restoration done, go to “Wireless settings” and then choose “Wireless setup wizard”.
  • Now the machine will search for the nearby networks.
  • When name appears on touch screen, select it and if it doesn’t appear then go to “enter new network name” and type the exact name of your network (Case sensitive).
  • Now enter the network password and click on done. 

Using the WPS (that does not have a touch screen):

You can also connect via using USB cable if your Deskjet doesn’t have the touch screen panel. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to do so and for that, you need to use the Wi-Fi protected Setup (WPS).

  • Now first check your router that it has WPS button or not. If it has its good but if it doesn’t you have to use the HP smart app.
  • Now start your printer and go to the control panel.
  • In the control panel you can see the option “wireless”, press it for at least 3 seconds and the light starts blinking.
  • Now take your router and press the WPS button for at least 3 seconds or release the button when it starts.
  • After that printer automatically search for the WPS and establishes the connection.
  • If the printer fails to connect with WPS, try method third. 

Using HP smart app:

  • At very first ensure that your computer is connected with a wireless network.
  • Now download the HP smart app.
  • Start your printer and prepare the printer for wireless connection, for that press and hold the wireless button for at least 3 seconds.
  • Go to your computer, open the app and select the plus sign.
  • And follow the on-screen instructions as given.
  • Now enter your network password.
  • When your printer is connected, click on continue and exit setup.

We hope that the above-mentioned methods help you in some way. If the problem remains please feel free to connect with our technical experts.

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